Bodies and organization

Bodies and organization

General Assembly 

The General Assembly is the consortium's decision-making and arbitration body. It is also a place of exchange and consultation. It is made up of one representative per member. Each member has one vote of the same value and is distributed among one of the following three colleges:

Strategic Orientation Committee

The Strategic Orientation Committee is in charge of implementing the business plan in accordance with the decision of the General Assembly. It is made up of 9 members, 3 from each college, appointed for the duration of a budget cycle by the General Assembly and chosen from among the members. The Strategic Orientation Committee is chaired by one of its representatives, appointed by the General Assembly and supported by two vice-chairman. The first presidency was entrusted to INRAE.

  • Pierre Berthomieu, Institut Agro
  • Carole Caranta, INRAE, chairman
  • Jean-Pierre Cohan, Arvalis - Institut du Végétal
  • Assia Dreux-Zigha, Greencell
  • Philippe Dufour, RAGT 2n
  • Raphaëlle Girerd, Sofiprotéol
  • Delphine Luquet, Cirad
  • Sébastien Mesnildrey, Syngenta
  • Christophe Riou, Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin, vice-chairman

Managing Board

The Managing Board guarantees the link between the Strategic Orientation Committee and the operational team. It is made up of members of the Operational Team, a representative of the public members and a representative of the private members

  • Mylène Durand-Tardif (PlantAlliance)
  • Delphine Fleury (KWS)
  • Peter Rogowsky (INRAE)
  • Maxime Szambien (PlantAlliance)

Operational Team

  • Mylène Durand-Tardif, senior scientific officer
  • Maxime Szambien, consortium administrator (coordination, management and communications)

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