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PlantAlliance consortium

Plants for tomorrow's agricultures

31 public and private members united around a common ambition: to support the contribution of plant genetics to accelerate agroecological innovation.

The public-private PlantAlliance consortium aims to support plant genetics for designing innovative agroecological cropping systems: stabilization even increase of yields to secure French agricultures competitiveness, while maintaining a high product quality level for food and industrial processing, by better and more integrating environment sustainability and by adapting to climate conditions. Pluralistic tomorrow’s agriculture will have to meet performance and economic sustainability priorities, as well as social, environmental and sanitary ones, while ensuring recognition of work and income of farmers. This ambition encourage to rethink production methods in a context of food demand rising and diversifying at global level, where climate change effects are already measurable, economic models of farming are evolving, and agriculture understanding by citizens is influencing markets and public policies.