Context and objectives

Context and objectives

Context & objectives

Farmers, consumers, and more generally citizens want a transition to a more environment respectful agriculture, providing high quality products and allowing producers to live off their products and farms. To meet these challenges will be possible through the coordination of public and private research forces and an increase synergy between the genetic lever and those of agronomy, biocontrol and food, to create the plants of tomorrow.

PlantAlliance consortium is a public-private partnership in genetics and plant biology whose partners aim to contribute to the development and implementation of the agriculture of tomorrow. PlantAlliance also aims to train young talents (PhD students, postdocs, engineers), through the funding of pre-competitive projects (PPC), in addition to pre-existing research activities among members of the consortium.

From 2021 and for a period of 10 years, PlantAlliance will launch an annual Call for Projects with the objective of supporting one to three academic or pre-industrial (TRL < 4) research projects. The priority themes of this recurring call will be set each year by the General Assembly of PlantAlliance. These projects must answer to one or more of the issues identified below in the scientific roadmap of the consortium:

  • To massively reduce the use of pesticides and other synthetic inputs
  • To improve crop resilience to extreme weather events and climate change
  • To provide diverses ecosystem services

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